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‘Poker face’ stripped away by new-age tech

Dolby Laboratories chief scientist Poppy Crum tells of a fast-coming time when technology will see right through people no matter how hard they try to hide their feelings. Sensors combined with artificial intelligence can reveal whether someone is lying, infatuated, or poised for violence, Crum detailed at a big ideas TED Conference. “It is the end… Read more


Exclusive first look: Daisy is Apple’s new robot that eats iPhones and spits out recyclable parts

A two-minute journey through this machine renders a smartphone into recyclable materials. Apple Daisy robot This is the battery-removal station in which cells are frozen to prevent thermal incidents, then dropped into aluminum buckets. Apple Inside a facility in Austin, Texas, there’s a huge box filled with hundreds of dead iPhones. It’s a salad of smashed… Read more

NASA’s incredible exoplanet-hunting telescope is about to launch

TESS will give us a new view of our galactic neighborhood. An artist’s illustration of TESS and a system that it might observe. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center It’s been a hard month for space telescopes. First we learned that Kepler is running out of fuel, signaling the end of its second life as an exoplanet… Read more


This change can make your online browsing faster and more private

Consider choosing what DNS service you use. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. This computer user looks really free and peaceful. Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash There is a small, simple step you can take right now that promises to make your online browsing faster and more private. It’s an active choice you can… Read more

just produced technology faces

6 Arduino deals for budding robot builders

Upgrade your weekend and learn the fundamentals of robotics. Six Arduino deals Stack Commerce Taking over the world on your own is pretty hard work. But with the aid of your own robot army, the operation should run like clockwork. These Arduino-based deals at the PopSci Shop should help you get there, with up to 90… Read more

The first Antarctic greenhouse harvest may lettuce go to Mars

Think keeping a desk plant alive is tough? Try farming in Antarctica. DLR scientist Paul Zabel enjoys some of his Antarctic crops. DLR via Flickr Lettuce on the moon might sound like the name of a prog-rock song, but that’s the eventual plan. This morning, Germany’s Aerospace Centre DLR announced that their experimental Antarctic greenhouse had… Read more

Apple thinks putting on a VR headset could help fight nausea in the car

Maybe you could fight zombies from a self-driving vehicle, too. A figure from a new patent application from Apple that explores the intersection of virtual reality and self-driving cars. Apple Once cars drive themselves, how will their bored human passengers spend their time—and fight off motion sickness? Instead of staring out the window at the landscape,… Read more

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Resisting technology, Appalachian style

By Sherry Hamby, Research Professor of Psychology; Director of the Life Paths Appalachian Research Center, Sewanee: The University of the South. Each has its own merits, even in a technology-centric world. The Conversation from Shutterstock images by heinsbergsphotos, jannoon028, Troy Kellogg, CC BY-SA When people hear “Appalachia,” stereotypes and even slurs often immediately jump to mind,… Read more

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