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TCM student creates an acupuncture robot

A college student in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has designed a robot that he says can perform acupuncture. Xu Tiancheng, a postgraduate student at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said he was inspired by Baymax, the healthcare robot from the hit animated movie Big Hero 6. He said his robot can treat several ailments, including insomnia,… Read more

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Smart Lighting for Home and Business

In the past decades, home and business automation is considered as a trend of the elites. Today, the need for home automation is a part of a convenient, green and safe life. Home automation business. Automation provides home and business owners with automatic or remote control operation over their electronic devices at home. Controlling also means… Read more

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Home Automation: Comfort and Convenience

Every day people are taking advantage of the technology available to make life easier, more comfortable and convenient. You can control every electronic device in your homes, such as air conditioners, heaters, home entertainment systems, window blinds, electric ovens, vacuums, pet feeders, pool cleaners, microwave, lights, and even your coffee maker. Through a control panel, you… Read more


Can you be hacked by the world around you?

By Jeremy Straub, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, North Dakota State University. Could scanning a QR code be an invitation to malware? Zapp2Photo/ You’ve probably been told it’s dangerous to open unexpected attachment files in your email – just like you shouldn’t open suspicious packages in your mailbox. But have you been warned against scanning unknown… Read more

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RealConnex Sponsors REBNY Hackathon Featuring 200 Leading Tech Innovators

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — RealConnex is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the 2017 REBNY Tech Hackathon, which brought together 200 of the brightest minds in the property and technology industries during NYC Real Estate Tech Week. Hosted in The Hub at Grand Central Tech, the event featured presentations on cutting-edge solutions to… Read more

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‘Youthful IT innovators are Nigeria’s hope’

Youths who are Information and Technology innovators and start-up owners are Nigeria’s hope in the digital age, an official of the Abuja Enterprise Agency [AEA] has said. Chidi Ezirigwe, a Principal Manager at AEA, told Daily Trust in an interview on the side-line of Enspire Ignition Week in Abuja that with creativity Nigerian youths wouldn’t have… Read more

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Huawei partners with London college to foster technology skills

Huawei Launches Authorised Network Academy with Barking & Dagenham College Stanley Lichun Wang, UK Director of Services and Yvonne Kelly, Principal & CEO. [Photo provided to] Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has teamed up with London’s Barking and Dagenham College to teach students skills that will help them find work in the information and communications technology… Read more

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Most Australians don’t care about being on a mass facial recognition database

Last week, the Australian government unveiled its plan for driver’s license photos to be included on a national facial recognition database. While there’s concern from experts about the erosion of people’s privacy and civil liberties, polling by research company Roy Morgan shows that most Australians don’t seem to care. SEE ALSO: Apple’s facial recognition tech… Read more

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Does regulating artificial intelligence save humanity or just stifle innovation?

By Jeremy Straub, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, North Dakota State University. Should robots and artificial intelligence face additional restrictions? maxuser/ Some people are afraid that heavily armed artificially intelligent robots might take over the world, enslaving humanity – or perhaps exterminating us. These people, including tech-industry billionaire Elon Musk and eminent physicist Stephen Hawking, say… Read more

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