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Emma the robot masseuse gets to work in Singapore

A robot masseuse named Emma is offering Singaporeans high-tech back rubs with a gigantic metal arm and warm silicone tips which its creators say perfectly mimic the human touch. The robot, the brainchild of local startup AiTreat, began work at a clinic in the city-state this week and performs “tui na”, a type of massage practised… Read more

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Ancient Caral woman’s face reconstructed in 3D

The face on display dates from around 4,500 years ago. Researchers in Peru have taken the mummified remains of a woman discovered last year to reconstruct her face digitally using 3D technology. The “Lady of the Four Brooches”, as she has been named, is thought to have been middle-aged and is believed to have had an… Read more

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From flying taxis to robocops, Dubai as a tech pioneer

From flying taxis to Batman-style surveillance motorcycles, Dubai’s GITEX expo this week showcased innovations that were symbols of the city-state’s ambitions to be a metropolis of the future. Known for its futuristic skyline and artificial islands, Gulf emirate Dubai has carved out a place alongside cities like Singapore as a hub for innovative ideas. At this… Read more

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Futuristic solar-powered Dutch family car hailed ‘the future’

A futuristic Dutch family car that not only uses the sun as power but supplies energy back to the grid was hailed as “the future” Sunday as the World Solar Challenge wrapped up. The innovative bi-annual contest, first run in 1987, began in Darwin a week ago with 41 vehicles setting off on a 3,000-kilometre (1,860-mile)… Read more

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Ring Floodlight Cam Review: A smart security device that pulls double duty

This device goes beyond simple surveillance The Ring Floodlight costs $249, but you may want to budget a little extra for an electrician to install it. Ring This outdoor floodlight doubles as a motion-activated security camera and comes with a built-in siren, two-way audio, and the ability to set up customizable motion alert zones. Testing Most… Read more

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How to stop Apple iOS 11 from draining your iPhone’s battery

Since Apple released its iOS 11 mobile operating system in September, iPhone users have been complaining that the upgrade is draining their battery faster than ever. Multiple reports indicate that those with older iPhone models — not the new iPhone 8 — appear to be struggling the most. iPhone problems: Turn off background app refresh to… Read more


Last week in tech: Remember to set your final AIM away message

Your favorite Dashboard Confessional lyrics should work just fine. We will miss you, round-headed AIM guy. Oath Like many elder millennials, I consider AOL Instant Messenger a fundamental part of my internet upbringing. Last week, however, we got the news that Oath (the conglomerate containing the company formerly known as AOL) will discontinue AIM service in… Read more

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Japan scientists grow drugs in chicken eggs

Japanese researchers have genetically engineered hens whose eggs contain drugs that can fight serious diseases including cancer, in a bid to dramatically reduce the cost of treatment, a report said Monday. If the scientists are able to safely produce “interferon beta”, a type of protein used to treat illnesses including multiple sclerosis and hepatitis, by rearing… Read more

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Good news! We’re probably not living in a computer simulation.

It’s virtually impossible. A perennial topic of science fiction, researchers stumbled upon the answer to the question of whether or not we’re secretly living inside of a computer. Depositphotos From Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “Ship in a Bottle” episode, to the eponymously named computer system in the movie The Matrix, the idea that life is… Read more

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iite S1, the first and best kid’s smart toothbrush

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ymax Inc. is a rising company active in high-end electronic devices. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. Ymax Inc. specialized products range from personal care, medical devices to electrical and electronics. Ymax Inc. now introduces iite S1 kid’s toothbrush – the next best Bluetooth sonic smart toothbrush into… Read more

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